Gifts In-Kind
Do you have a talent or time?
 We are seeking Donations.

Here are the immediate needs we have:    

Excavating of concrete footings
Removal of Concrete from existing slab for new footings

General Contractor ( willing to pull permits and help navigate questions as needed)
Someone to take conceptual design, engineers plans and steel building plans and make full set of blueprints
Ceramic Tile Installation  in Office

Creating a God-sized impact by investing in our community

The Lord has gone before us, making a way at every turn. From our beginnings in 2019 at the Greenville Middle School, to the First United Methodist Building, next up Flat River Academy and then Frugthaven Farm. We have been sensitive to His leading for the last four years.

He has now made a way for us to purchase land at Frugthaven Farm where the dome has sat for years.

A place to call home and begin a legacy in the city He has called us to.

We feel directed to place our stake on this piece of land with a building. Again, we lean in and trust Him to provide.

So, what's our funding goal?

Our goal, as it stands today, is $2.5 million to complete the project.

As building supply prices and labor costs fluctuate, we have been hard pressed to get an "in stone" price for the building costs. We have stewarded funds well through our first 3 years of existence and are able to pay cash for the property itself. We will be going in with $250,000 of equity.

Now, we are looking at every single part of the project to find ways to utilize what we already have, and how we can get the best price for materials. We plan to build a beautiful building that will continue to be a place for outreach to the community. And leave a legacy for generations to come.

Thank you for your consideration, generosity, and for being a part of our community.
**Please be sure to select 'Building Fund' when making your donation

Donation Options

Above & Beyond Your Normal Giving


If you would prefer to set a weekly commitment, please feel free to do so. These amounts add up and every bit helps us get closer to our financial goal. You can setup re-occurring gifts online (below), or do so with a giving envelope.


If you would prefer to budget monthly, please feel free to set up your commitment to reflect this. We are all able to be a part of this mission. You can setup re-occurring gifts online as designated gifts toward the building or do so with a giving envelope.


One -time initial gifts are a great way for us to see where we are headed. It helps us to look toward the end goal while knowing some of what we have to work with. Everything is appreciated.
Pledge Commitment
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Our One-Time Gift Goals

Each one-time gift helps make a larger dent in our overall budget
See below for ways we can get to 2.5 million 

1 gift given at $500,000
2 gifts given at $250,000
4 gifts given at $100,000
8 gifts given at $50,000
11 gifts given at $25,000
15 gifts given at $10,000
20 gifts given at $5,000
30 gifts given at $2,500
Many under $2,500
Please note: We are running the All In Building Campaign until the end of December 2023. This will allow us to see where we are setting and what is needed for 2024 to complete the project. We are believing God will provide all of what we need, so there will not be the need for debt. Thank you for your generosity!